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Tailgater 2 (Made in the USA) is designed for ALL model pickups and also the newer 40lb propane tanks. $19.95 plus S&H.

Ever wondered what would happen if you had to suddenly brake very hard to avoid a collision while transporting your propane tank in your pickup? Simply tieing the tank down with a bungee, or in some sort of base will NOT prevent the tank from flying through your back window, or worse, exploding.

U.S. Shipping Price for First Tailgater
U.S. Shipping Price for:

 Two Tailgaters $9.95

3-4 Tailgaters $18.95

No Tailgaters available to foreign customers. Apologies.



review posted by Robert Adams on 10-21-2021
Works Great
review posted by Kevin on 10-21-2021
Great product that works exactly as described.
review posted by Karin S on 10-21-2021
I purchased my Tailgater a couple of years ago. and without a doubt, this is GREAT product. The straps are sturdy, the rachet is high end. The guy at the fill station had never seen this strap before and was very impressed. This product is easy to use, as the instructions are clear.
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